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swinge v : burn superficially or lightly; "I singed my eyebrows" [syn: singe]

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From swengan: to shatter to swenge


  1. To singe.
  2. To lash.
  3. To strike hard.
    • Aphra Behn (1640-89) The Feigned Courtesans. This edition: (The plays of) Aphra Behn. Oxford University press 2000. p.233. ISBN 0192834517
      Sir Feeble: Tis jelousy, the old worm that bites. [To Sir Cautious] Whom is it that you suspect.
      Sir Cautious: Alas I know not whom to suspect, I would I did; but if you discover him, I would swinge him.


  1. A swinging blow.

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The Swinge is the strait between Alderney and Burhou in the Channel Islands. It often sees a furious tidal race, and Braye Harbour which faces it, has a mile long breakwater to cope with this.
The etymology of the Swinge is probably Old Norse, related to Old Icelandic swinnr (swift, rapid)
Corbet Rock lies in the Swinge.
The Little Swinge is between Burhou and Les Nannels.


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